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Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing

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Largemouth Bass on Steroids

Peacock Bass Fishing - The scene is set as the trolling motor silently glides you through a primal jungle lagoon lined with a labyrinth of vines and prehistoric-looking trees. Two raucous scarlet macaws pass low overhead and a troupe of roaring howler monkeys sound like a great gathering windstorm somewhere off in the nearby canopy.

Fifty yards away, the water violently erupts as a hungry pack of trophy peacock bass herd a panicky school of 20-inch baitfish toward the shoreline. The peacocks are moving so much water that it's hard to believe this is a group of feeding gamefish!

By now your heart is in your throat. You frantically cast your lure or fly into the peacocks and prey, hoping the crazed bass will mistake your puny 6-inch artificial for one of the fleeing baitfish. Ten feet from the boat your lure disappears in a bathtub-sized hole and the monster that inhaled your plug races toward the nearest fallen tree.

There is no stopping this freight train. In an instant the fish breaks your 50-pound braided line like it was sewing thread, leaving you with a broken drag and severe heart palpitations. With a sympathetic nod of his head, your Brazilian guide mutters in a barely-audible voice "grande peacock senhor, muito grande."

With an area almost as large as the United States, you would think that the Amazon's angling resources would be virtually endless. Most outfitters would like you to think that this is true. In reality, concentrations of giant peacock bass (Cichla temensis) exist nowhere else in the world except for isolated fisheries throughout the Amazon basin. Fishing remains spectacular for trophy peacocks (not to mention high numbers of smaller peacocks) in obscure, unpopulated watersheds.

With our outfitter, River Plate Anglers you will fly into virgin waters where large populations of giant peacocks remain unmolested. It is common for our guests to catch 20 to 40 peacocks per day, sized from the scrappy 3 to 6 pound "butterfly" peacocks to the 12 to 20 pound "blue or "spotted" super lunkers. And there is always a chance for a real monster. The current I.G.F.A all tackle 27-pound world record came from this region in 1994.

Timing and water levels are essential considerations. During the wet season, the rivers overflow, their banks and spread out into a tree-filled flood plain. The baitfish flee into the flooded vegetation and the peacocks follow them. Angling is unproductive at this time.

When the rains subside the water levels slowly recede back into a central lagoon filled river channel. Prime fishing occurs when the receding waters force baitfish out of the vegetation and into open water (this desired low water usually forces commercial fisherman and our competition out as well). The best time is October through March.

Fly-In Barge Camp:
River Plate has evolved to highly mobile camps with roomy cabins built individually on small barges. River Plate's barges are the perfect solution, providing mobility, comfort and luxury. Drawing only about 4 inches of water, the small barges are a breakthrough for navigating over shallow water barriers away from all fishing pressure. Simply put, River Plate accesses water the other outfitters can't reach!

Each 10'X15' steel-framed barge accommodates two anglers. They are fully carpeted, with a 3-ply insulated roof, fully screened walls and door. Each cabin has its own separate full bathroom facility complete with a pressurized water system. The barges can be moved daily, but will usually remain close to the river's most productive lagoons. We typically set up camp on spectacular white sand beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean.

Each set of barges has a full-scale kitchen, and several generators run freezers and refrigerators, an ice machine, battery chargers two-way radios, washing machine, satellite phone, kitchen appliances, etc. Each camp has approximately 14 staff members, including the bilingual host, camp-co-owner/manager, 2 cooks, waiter, laundry personnel (all our camps have a daily laundry service), maids, boat, technician, and guides.

Amazon Angel:
Anglers can also choose to stay in an air-conditioned riverboat, The Amazon Angel. The 76-foot yacht features eight private staterooms with three spacious baths, open-air bar, and two dining areas.

Average daytime temperatures range between 85 - 95 degrees (depending on cloud cover) with 50-70% humidity. Nighttime temperatures drop to a comfortable 70-80 degrees.

What you won't find are many pesky bugs. The pristine rivers we fish have naturally high tannin levels (from extensive leaf decay), which discourage the development of biting insects and their larvae.

The programs are managed by knowledgeable, bilingual fisherman experienced in handling the logistics inherent to the Amazon fishing camps. Since our groups are small, the manager offers unique personalized hands-on attention.

River Plate uses shallow drafting, lightweight 16-foot John-style tunnel-hulled models with 40-horse outboards, comfortable swivel seats, and electric trolling motors.

Anglers fish 2 per boat, with a Brazilian guide well versed in the nuances of casting, spin and fly-fishing. He's intimately familiar with the waters you'll be fishing, and will excel at putting you into impressive numbers of big fish. We also have portable boats that allow us access into secret land locked lagoons.

Brazil, the largest country in South America, is friendly and politically stable. Your air travel is 5 hours non-stop form Miami to Manaus, a modern city with a population of 1 million, situated at the influx of the Rio Negro and the mighty Amazon. Manaus was once the rubber capital of the world, and with its ornate mansions and famous opera house, still reflects the riches brought over from Europe in that area. The trip duration is a week, with 6 full days of fishing.

Once in Manaus, you travel about 1 hour to the fishing area via a new state-of-the-art Cessna Caravan turbo prop float plane with the finest avionics, global positioning, electronics and communication system. The plane easily accommodates 8 passengers and luggage.

If you desire the most exciting fishing trip of your lifetime, come to the Brazilian rain forest, a magical place you have seen in geographic magazines, television nature shows and in your mind's eye. Come challenge the mighty peacock bass with River Plate Anglers and leave the crowds.

To learn more about River Plate or call about availability. 1-800-638-7405. Or feel free to drop us an email at: Contact Us

Amazon Peacock Bass Fishing Sample Fishing Package
6 full days fishing - Fly-in Barge Camp
$5595.00 per person, plus $750 float plane charter, if required
Rates Include: 6 full days fishing, ground transportation, air charter/fast boat from Manaus to camp and return, boats and guides (2 x 1 guiding), accommodations, meals, Brazilian wine, beer, liquor, soft drinks, hotel in Manaus (one night—double accommodations), and Sportfishing Worldwide pre-trip information containing detailed packing and tackle lists, travel info and helpful hints.
Rates Do Not Include: Commercial air travel to Manaus, Brazilian visa, tackle, lures, personal items, tips, meals in Manaus and hotel nights in the U.S. if applicable.
Season: October - March
Capacity: 8 anglers per week in Barge Camp
Location: Amazon River Basin, Brazil

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